Only E-Hors offers a very complete Event Management system, included in the total solution without additional charges.

Special features:

  • Create packages for all items needed in the event, including third party items like flower set up, a live band, unlimited options;
  • The system creates the BEO (Banquet Event Order). WinX calls it EO only, because the Event Order includes absolutely everything included in the reservation, from venue to rooms to attractions to instructions. There is no need for a manual Event Order. The Event Order is live online and can be distributed by email;
  • Function rooms can be configured as a tree or flat. A tree means that a function room can be divided into multi-function rooms;
  • This module is fully integrated with Accounting. When a venue is checked in, revenue will be automatically posted in the related accounts;
  • Brochures for e.g. wedding or seminar packages can be attached to the Event Order and the quotations;
  • Charges can simply be routed to a single invoice, from restaurant and room charges to banquet charges;
  • A profit and loss statement per event can be created.
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