The Theme Park module supports any entertainment park working with turnstiles. Being 1 access for all or turnstile access per attraction.

Unique benefits of the Theme Park module

  • The Reservation program in FO handles the Ticketing reservations and the POS ticketing handles the daily over-the-counter sales;
  • A booking engine for the ticket sales is available; tickets can also be sold as part of a room package;
  • Unlimited attractions/turnstiles can be managed within a single ticket (QR Code);
  • Guests do not have to carry any extra cash into the theme park as this unique module practices a wallet within the QR Code. Guests will also be able to top up or refund the wallet;
  • By providing CSV files to wholesalers, the need for a redemption counter is eliminated;
  • A plan-board is available for attractions where a limited number of guests can participate at the same time;
  • A photo-booth system increases revenues as guests always want to bring their memories home.
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