The name of this module is in fact incorrect. The recipe manager of this module allows to create any recipe being it Food, Beverage, Amenity Set, Retail Combo, Spa treatment, the user’s creativity is the only limitation.

Unique benefits:

  • Complete costing on the lowest level (item) results in very accurate theoretical costing which can be compared in existing reports with the actual costing based on sales results and goods receiving;
  • There are no limitations in the creation of recipes and menus. They are created centrally. This means that once a recipe is created, it can be used in any outlet of the property with its own name and price;
  • Each recipe can be used as a sub recipe in a new recipe;
  • Complete buffets can be created in this module;
  • A picture can be linked to the recipe, which will appear in the POS system (PC and Mobile or tablet);
  • For WinX a recipe should be considered to be a bill of materials;
  • The replace item feature allows to replace a redundant item in all recipes in a single replace action. Fast and error free.
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