The Purchasing module supports Market List purchasing as well as "normal" purchasing procedures. A very powerful module that optimizes the purchasing process and minimizes human resources.

Unique benefits of Purchasing

  • Complete optimized purchase advice based on minimum stock, minimum order, available stock, and outstanding purchase (stock) requests;
  • Optimization process including minimum stock, suppliers packaging, floating orders and distributions;
  • Full reconciliation with supplier invoices;
  • Market List purchasing can be based on templates per stock location/kitchen;
  • Authorization is driven by system settings, whereby a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 approvals are needed;
  • Purchase orders are sent by email if the supplier has email;
  • Purchase orders can be produced in foreign currency;
  • Receiving can be stacked;
  • Employees are able to check the status of their request;
  • Goods returned do create a negative Purchase Order;
  • Support of Foreign Currency;
  • A strict check and balance between goods received and supplier invoice in combination with good SOP's makes kickbacks practically impossible.
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