Key to cost control is superb Inventory Management and that is what this module helps you to do.

The inventory management system finally brings structure and audit traces in an environment which is highly fraud sensitive. The flow of goods is comprehensive and depending on the character of goods purchased as well as the receiving and distribution.

The integration with finance therefore is quite extensive, resulting in very exact data, meaning accurate P&L and Balance Sheet statements.

Unique benefits of inventory

  • Data related to inventory, value, and quantity comes real-time from Goods received, goods used, goods returned, stock used, stock corrections, and stock take;
  • Distribution to fulfill user’s requests, inter department transfers, stock take and stock correction programs all make sure the inventory is accurate;
  • The amount used in calculations for usage, distribution, and corrections can be based on "last price" or an average price over a by system setting defined period;
  • Per characteristics per item decide when the item will be charged out from the inventory account to an expense account, whereby fixed assets are linked to the fixed asset management, which includes automatic journals for depreciation.
  • Item categories can be linked to inventory accounts in finance as desired;
  • Recipes can be distributed from central kitchen to satellite kitchens whereby the items within the recipe are transferred at item level, the value as well as the quantity;
  • The status of the stock location decides if the actual stock counts as stock for the purchase advice;
  • The charge out and stock deduction can be on a level as low as 1 shot of whiskey or a glass of wine.
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