Cost Savings

  • Human Resources
    • Experience learns that accounting, F&B and in many cases Purchasing and Inventory can be optimized resulting in lesser resources needed;
  • Less Waste
    • Due to real time inventory management including purchase optimizing and par stock, perishable items can be managed better, resulting in lower cost of sales;
  • Central Kitchen
    • Implementation of butcher (central) kitchen with the support of recipe transfer results in higher efficiency and less waste.

Time Savings

  • Accounting
    • Accounting will save most of the time. The number of transactions to be encoded are reduced to a minimum as any transaction with a financial character is real time updated in the finance module;
  • Stock Take
    • Being able to perform a stock take with a tablet real time in the warehouse or any other stock location saves time and minimizes human errors and double entries;
  • Check-In
    • Optimized check in procedures when using the online registration card will shorten any queue at front office.

Improved Decision Making

  • Reports
    • The faster reports are available, the better management can take measurements if needed. There is no running behind the facts. All P&L reports, from departmental to consolidated should be ready between 3 and 5 days after month end;
    • Statistical reports offer tools to take decisions leading to human resource optimization.
  • Budgets
    • Extensive budgets for Finance, Rooms and F&B will help management to take the right decisions. Budgets are even reported in the Daily Revenue Report;


Scalability & Flexibility

  • Consolidation
    • From corporate office to single property, WinX provides full consolidation in multiple currencies;
  • Reporting
    • Reporting following the pyramid approach. From high level single page top level management reports to departmental even outlet detailed reports;
  • Real Time
    • All data is always real time, up to the last transaction accurate.

Better Cash Flow Management

  • Human Resources
    • All savings in human resources will have an important impact on the cash flow position;
  • Inventory
    • Lower inventory due to efficient inventory management and purchasing lowers the need for cash
  • Waste
    • Lowering cost of sales due to less waste has an immediate impact on the cash flow.

Financial Audits & Reporting

  • Fraud
    • A full set of audit reports will protect the property against undiscovered fraud. Implementing the WinX SOP for income audit will bring fraud within 24 hours to the light;
  • Rate Codes
    • WinX does not allow manipulation with rate codes which protects against kickbacks in sales;
  • Processes
    • Strict purchasing flows protect against kickbacks in purchasing.

Inventory Optimization

  • Order Advise
    • The flexible set up of warehouses and stock locations take care that the right quantities to order are advised by WinX;
  • Distribution
    • Distribution of goods between stock locations and departments keep track of the goods and impact the departmental Profit & Loss statements.

Enhanced Financial Visibility

  • Visibility
    • Extensive real-time reports provide immediate and broad visibility of the financial situation.