Our Mission

WinX has been developed with the following mission in mind:

“Offer an ERP solution dedicated to the hospitality industry that fits all, from a small single property owner to large property chains, with the focus in mind to improve the ROI with a minimum of 15%.”

WinX has the goal to become an important global player in the hospitality industry, without losing the personal touch with the customer as some of the market leaders have done.

Therefore people need to be trained, support needs to be first class and development must be able to fulfill customer needs. 


  • 2006
    • A group of Dutch investors established WinX with its offices in Penang, Malaysia;
    • Malaysia is a highly educated country with excellent IT resources and infrastructure. This in combination with the fact that the costs of development are very low and software development is done under Dutch management, standard & guidelines and Q & A policies. E-Hors is able to deliver a high quality software solution with a very competitive license fee structure;
  • 2008
    • An infrastructure with 12 people was in place. The investment in human resources is important as WinX can only afford to have successful installations;
    • The first commercial version of WinX has required an investment of over 30 man years, which shows the commitment of the shareholders to enter the hospitality market.
  • 2010
    • E-Hors establishes E-Hors Corp in the Philippines.
  • 2017
    • E-Hors received the MSC status, which is an award given to innovative technology companies in Malaysia.
  • 2018
    • E-Hors opens a new office in Ipoh, Malaysia at a designated MSC location.
  • 2022
    • Current version E-Hors WinX (V10), released 2022, complete rewrite, truly state of the art.
  • 2024
    • E-Hors forms a partnership to establish E-Hors Australia Pty Ltd.

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