This module is a comprehensive module giving tools to the Sales Department without the need to buy CRM systems, because it is all there. Sales people need flexibility and power to close deals. Sales & Marketing is a module that does just that.
WinX has a specific SOP for Sales & Marketing which does increase sales, but also allows management to work with KPIs that are based on true data.

  • Rate Code features:
    • Yield management based on occupancy;
    • Promo Codes;
    • Early Bird, Last Minute rules;
    • LOS rules;
    • Minimum Stay rules;
    • Unlimited discount rules over any item included in the rate code, including room charges;
    • Any service like breakfast, airport transport, massage, third party arrangement can be included in the rate code and will be “knocked off” upon usage.
  • Reservations can include:
    • Multiple date check in and date check out;
    • Including rate code and packages with any mix and match;
    • Combine rooms and banquet in a single reservation resulting in a single point of contact, beneficial for guests and property;
    • Attractions, ticketing, spa and so on all in 1 single reservation;
    • A system generated Event Order, error free.
  • Packages:
    • Unlimited number of packages can be created;
  • Vouchers:
    • A voucher system with true check and balance allows selling rooms at exhibitions or as gift vouchers;
  • WinX CRM:
    • Extensive global guest profile, including guest history, preferences, special needs and linked to the questionnaire system. This allows the S&M department to create any survey and have the survey linked to the guest profile;
    • Preprogrammed mail blasts based on different criteria like:
      • Birthday;
      • Check out;
      • Special Holidays.
    • Custom email blasts for special promos or events;
    • Online registration of web site visitors;
    • Distribution of Newsletters.
  • Performance report:
    • If the WinX SOP for Sales & Marketing is implemented correctly, management has for performance reporting related to the sales staff. This covers from quotation to reserved reservation and final revenue after check out;
  • Channel Manager:
    • Real time bi-directional integration with SiteMinder as Channel Manager;
  • Booking Engine:
    • Online real time booking engine as integrated part of the WinX license, therefore no transaction commissions, other than the credit card charges from the payment gateway;
  • Access from anywhere:
    • As WinX is a cloud/hybrid solution, sales can make reservations anytime from anywhere.

Your own real-time booking engine without monthly cost or transaction fees.
Circumvent the commission you need to pay to OTAs and other parties by providing a WinX Online Booking Engine.

Payments (full or partial) are made directly to you. The advantage is that you can include packages where you normally would pay full commission like airport transfer, travel, sightseeing, dinner, etc.

Unique benefits of the Booking Engine

  • Full support of the Revenue Management System;
  • Internet reservations are guaranteed by full or partial payment at the moment of reservation;
  • Rates can include complete packages even with third-party components. Revenues will be recognized on the correct day, correct outlet, and correct account.
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