Complete suite of 18 fully integrated modules

We have developed no less than 18 fully integrated modules, as a complete solution for all daily hospitality operations, covering everything needed to operate our clients’ hospitality business. No investment in any other complementary module or system is necessary: WinX is a truly complete one-stop solution.

ERP-strength foundation and architecture

Our Enterprise Resource Planning approach allows for a tightly integrated system, that automates large parts of the operational and management processes in a hotel or hotel chain of any size.

Focus on Customer ROI

During the development cycle of our PMS, our primary focus has been on Return-on-Investment for our clients, and ease-of-use. Our customers have experienced a growth of net profit of at least 15%, often more then 20%.

Our customers experience a Nett Profit increase of between 15% - 20% after implementing WinX




All modules in the following diagrams belong to WinX

Integrating ERP fully into Hospitality Operations can yield several significant returns on investment: