There are different POS systems for different purposes. The following systems are available:

  • Restaurant
    • This version of the POS is designed for restaurants with table settings, but obviously take-away and room service features are available;
    • The guest can move around through different sections without having to close the bill. A mobile version for the waiter to take orders is available;
    • Sections can be created with their own revenue reports. E.g. if a restaurant has different floors or an indoor and outdoor section;
    • A waiter or cashier can work in more than one outlet during one shift creating separate audits as well as a compiled audit for that person;
    • Each outlet can have its own happy hours, not depending on the actual computer used, but on the settings in the database;
    • Menus are loaded based on time slots, whereby an alternative menu can be chosen;
    • As WinX does not have a night audit, the outlet does not need to shut down for the night audit. This increases revenue;
    • There is a "split bill" / "join bill" functionality which will provide convenience for guests who wish to split or join their bill.
  • Fast Food
  • Retail
    • The Retail version basically works with bar-code.
  • Spa
    • Spa is a POS version that allows bookings and planning of therapists as well as the calculation of commissions for the therapist;
      Registration of the Spa guest as well as using and updating the guest profile, making the Spa guest a part of the CRM system.
  • Theme Park
    • The theme park version can be used with wristband or any other device using a QR-code. Readers or turnstiles keep track of the attractions the guest has visited;
      The WinX E-Wallet is mostly used in waterparks, but is available throughout WinX and can be used as payment in any outlet or front office;
  • Room Service
    • Room service can run over an outlet, but the module is also available for the WinX smart TV solution;
  • Additional
    • All solutions have user defined payment methods which include charge to room and systems like G-Cash and Maya;
    • All solutions are fully integrated with finance and inventory management;
    • The WinX POS solutions are hardware independent, from laptop, PC to tablet and mobile.
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