The Housekeeping and Maintenance module is a state-of-the-art paperless module best utilized by using the mobile App that manages the cleaning, planning and updates as well as planned and accidental maintenance.  

Special features not available in most other systems or require additional software to be purchased:


  • The guest arrive feature in Front Office informs Housekeeping automatically when a guest arrives and there is no Vacant-Clean room available;
  • This module is fully integrated with the Task Management system, allowing Housekeeping to create maintenance tasks for repair including related pictures;
  • Cleaning lists for housekeeping can be based on priorities;
  • Room status can be changed using the mobile App or Desktop application;
  • Rooms that are Vacant-Clean for a number of days will change to Vacant-Dirty automatically based on a system setting;
  • Task Management System uses SIP phones or tablets to assign, update and close tasks. Each task has a certain time set to perform. Performance reports are available.
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