Anything related to front office operations is included in this module. From handling reservations and room assignments to facilitating check-in/check-out processes and beyond, our PMS system offers a comprehensive suite of features. This includes seamless integration for passport reading, utilization of tablets for registration cards, and integration with key card systems, making it an all-fully inclusive solution for hospitality management.

As E-HORS has no night audit nor back up procedure, therefore E-HORS has no down time. This will result in higher efficiency and better check and balances. Front Office, like all modules, is real-time integrated with finance. The first room charge is booked upon check-in. A nightly automated process takes care of consecutive nights as well as other charges.

E-HORS tries to be paperless as much as possible, meaning that all documents like deposit receipts, invoices registration cards can all be in a digital format. Invoices, quotations, confirmations can all be sent by email.

Features that are unique and are contributing to smoother operations and higher ROI:


  • No night audit:
    • Day closing based on system settings
    • The Daily Revenue Report (DRR) is automatically generated including all other revenue sources like Restaurants, Spa, and Retail. In combination with "No night audit", every single night hour will be saved and revenues are accurate.
    • Revenues are accurate. A system settings for day closing defines the difference between late check in and early check in. ARR, revenues and occupancy are all 100% accurate. Never manual charges after the night audit. Never double nights and revenue when check in is after the night audit. E-Hors has no night audit.
  • Reservations:
    • A single reservation for rooms, banquet and attractions, one reference for all improves communication between sales and guest;
    • Multiple date check in and date check out for all types of reservations;
    • Confirmations, Tentative, and Quotation letters sent by the system, including support of foreign currency;
    • Real Time integration with Finance;
    • Extensive reporting including forecast and statistical reports over free to define periods.
  • Guest Service System:
    • Task Management to achieve ultimate guest satisfaction;
    • Integration with E-Hors Smart TV solution;
    • Integration with E-Hors WiFi.
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